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Stoke House Buyer – Cash For Houses Stoke

Stoke House Buyer required? Look no further that www.cashforhousesstoke.co.uk. We are a local firm that will give you a reasonable offer (Up to 95% of the value of your property). When looking at potential house buying companies there is many things to consider.The industry has sprouted many unscrupulous players. There are a number of qustions you can ask to be sure they are legitimate and are providing the service they claim.

Are they actually buying the property or do they have a buyer ready? Some companies claim to be buyers when they are in fact more or less estate agents. They will get you to agree to sell, and only then will they begin a search for a buyer. At Cash For Houses Stoke we will buy the house, or have a buyer waiting to proceed with conveyancing immediately.

Do they charge a valuation fee? This has been a noted gripe for some clients of companies that claim to be house buyers. The company charges you a fee to value the house. Sometimes as expensive as £300-£500. They then make a low offer on your property knowing you will not accept. Guess what? They don’t care if you accept. They have made £500 for a 5 minute look around your property. That fee will be none-refundable. Beware of any property buyer that insists you pay a valuation fee upfront. At Cash For Houses Stoke is a Stoke house buyer that will never charge to value your property. That way you can make an informed decision without feeling you have already commiteted funds to the process. Our no obligation offer is just that!


A Stoke House Buyer You Can Trust

If your Stoke House Buyer company is trying to charge you valuation fees or sign you up in a role as your new estate agent, then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere. Cash For Houses Stoke will make you a genuine, no obligation offer. What have you got to loose?

As prommised cashforhousesstoke.co.uk completed their purchase of my house without fuss and at the agreed price. Highly recomended!